Friday, May 29, 2009

Google Page Rank Update Just After 2 Months

Google is updating Pagerank. Earlier we used to see these changes after every 3 months. But this time Google is taking tough ride and has started imposing some penalities as well. So anyone who has noticed change in PR, please share what happen to the website.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Social Media Marketing - A latest Buzzword in Online Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a latest buzzword in online marketing. But to become SMM expert you need to be:

1) Quick
2) Active
3) Share

Be quick in analysing new trends..and actively implement those trends for your business and enagage your audience by sharing interesting messages/links and posts...

Has Twitter Decreased the Relevancy of Google???

Nowadays..everyone discusses about twitter and other social media stuff..what we can conclude from that??

Is twitter actually taking step ahead from Google???

People are just enjoying this source to openely interact with each other????

Share your relevant and useful comments here??????

How to Dominate Google Adwords

Everyone wants to win Google Adwords game..But to be successful in this game you need to learn and understand some rules..there is one article that may help you understand basic rules of PPC...Read useful article at:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Change in Google Referral Strings

A brief discussion on change in referral string by Matt Cutts at

Thursday, May 7, 2009

How to get indented listings for your keywords

Yesterday we discussed about “What is Indented Listing?”. Today we will resume the discussion with “How to get this listing for the specific keyword?”

Follow few steps to get indented listing for the website:

1)First of all you should have a webpage that already has a top 10 ranking for the relevant keyword of website.

2)After that you need to create a second page on the same domain and link second page to the first page that is already ranking at top. Optimize your second page with the same keyword. Don’t use same content as of first page. But use different content and Meta tags in second page.

3)Third link the first top ranking page to second webpage with the same keyword using anchor text. Use title attribute in the anchor text and link to the second page. That link must be from the body text of first page.

4)Get inbound links from different relevant website for the second page.

Repeat these steps for as many keywords as you want for your WebPages. See example of Indented listing below for the keyword “Emergency Dental Treatment”:
Emergency Dental Treatment

Above image represents the actual results of A leading dental health clinic in Calgary, Canada.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What is Indented Listing?

Google generally shows only one link of the website in top 10 results. But getting your website listing twice in Google top 10 results for most competitive and important keyword of the website entice visitors and webmasters as well. This process is called Indented Listing in Google.

What is Indented Listing?

From Google’s Perspective:

When Google finds multiple results from your website for a search query, then the most relevant page is listed first and next relevant page is indented below and that process is called Indented listing".

Online Bargain & Discount Shopping Australia
“Image above represents the actual results of An online shopping website in Australia”

Indented listing gives additional exposure to the website in SERPs. It is also called double listing. And it is quite understandable that when visitors find 2 pages from single website, they will certainly approach that website more than others. In a way website will get lot of traffic and clicks.So if your website has indented listing in Google then your website will have 2 listings of your website in top 10 results instead of one.

In the next article we will discuss about how to get Indented Listing for your top most keywords of website.