Monday, April 20, 2009

Nine Important Factors to Improve Your Website Usability,Traffic and Rankings

Search engine optimization is done to attract both web surfer and spiders. If you do it correctly then you can easily achieve targeted audience, traffic and high rankings. But you need to take care of few important things before you implement SEO processes:

1) Web surfers like fast loading web pages so you should have fast loading web pages.
2) Web page content should be easy to read. And also able to attract the visitor.
3) Text on the web page should be clearly arranged. Bold heading, bulleted lists and arranged paragraphs.
4) If your website consists of images then you should use IMG ALT tag to attract the spider to read the text in images.
5) You should also use 404 error pages to keep the visitors on the website.If you are an online shopping company then you should certainly use this 404 error page to hold the visitor on the website. Add link of home page on the 404 error page.
6) Navigation structure of website should be flexible and breadcrumbs should also be there to easily navigate through the website.
7) Title of each page should be self explanatory and unique. For example:  if you are dentist in Calgary and running dental clinic in Calgary then your keywords in title tag should be like : "Calgary Dentist, Calgary Dental, Dental Servives".
8) URL of webpage should contain important keywords related to the content on that page.
9) Important content should be placed on the top of page.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Importance of Keywords in URL - A Statement by Google's Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts has recently posted a video on the position of keywords in the URL of the webpage. He said that keywords in the URL certainly improve the position of the page in SERPs. Google has different measurement methods to check the optimization of your website. So always optimize all the elements of your website.

To achieve the best possible rankings for your website, it is advisable to include targeted keywords in the URL of the page. Do not stuff lot of keywords. It is a direct spamming.

Yahoo has also filed a patent application with the name “Techniques for Tokenizing URLs”. Yahoo’s patent provides detailed information on how search engine extract keywords from the webapge and URL. In a way it is a strong indicator of yahoo’s acceptance of keywords in address of webpage.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

5 Minutes SEO Audit Checklist for Websites

If your website is ready to go live then there is 5 minutes SEO audit checklist to set your website at the right front.

1) Make sure that you have done URL canonicalization and 301 redirects. All variations of the
URL should point to: Here is a code:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

2) Write unique title and Meta tag for each page.
3) Check your CMS editor. Make sure that it is search engine friendly.
4) Submit your website in Google Webmaster Central. This will help in fast indexing of web
5) Check duplicate content. If you have online shopping website and selling different
products then be careful of product description. Do not use description that supplier has
provided. 1000 of people may have used that content.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quick Tips to Optimize Dynamic Websites

The internet has brought the entire world together. As a result, people now choose services, products and websites that come on the 1st or 2nd page of Google. The internet has unbelievably revolutionized the world and businesses all around.

Nowadays 400 million people use Google, Yahoo and MSN to find products & services. 92% of people do not go further, if they find their desired products and services on 1st or 2nd page. The whole facts prove that internet (Google, Yahoo & MSN) is ruling the internet world.

There are lot of techniques to take website at top in search engines. But organic SEO is the most reliable and proven method to achieve top rankings. SEO is not same for all websites. The prcess of search engine optimization varies from site to site. If the website is static then the process will be different. But for a website that is dynamic and has thousands of products and web pages then the whole strategy of SEO will be different. So everyone needs to be careful while implementing SEO techniques.

Quick Tips to Optimize Dynamic Website
  • Remove query string from the URL of all WebPages
  • Unique title for each page
  • Brief and useful summary of each page in meta tag
  • Submission of website in theme related directories
  • Engage your website in affiliate marketing
  • Choose double opt-in email marketing
  • Participate in forums and discuss your products and services
  • Post comments on blogs
  • Use Social Media optimization techniques specifically for online shopping websites
  • Write press releases about your website
  • Write captivating and useful content and post in different marketing directories to pull traffic
  • Keep track of all of your SEO efforts and make changes according to requirements
  • Create Google/yahoo Sitemap and submit in webmaster central tool
  • Use canonical tag to avoid the duplicate pages on dynamic websites

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Top Ten Way to Optimize Your Website and Get Top Ranking

Search Engine optimization is all about keeping your website up-to-date as per search engines and implementing latest and expert SEO techniques to take your website at top and pull targeted traffic to website. I am sharing with you ten ways to optimize your website and get huge traffic.

1) Optimize Your Single Webpage for single keyword. Do not optimize your single webpage for more than one word. Search Engines prefer highly relevant webpage for single term instead of number of search terms.

2) Different Keyword for Different Webpages. Google consider all pages of your website so make sure that you have used different keywords on different webpages. This will increase the relevancy of that webpage and topic in search engine result pages.

3) Try to Get Good Inbound Links. If your website is having optimized content and good inbound links then it is much easier for your website to get top ranking in Google. For example if you have optimized your webpage for the keyword Expert SEO Solutions and you get link from the website that talks about Expert SEO Solutions then Google will privide top ranking to your website and consider it more relevant

4) Article Marketing. Write useful and relevant articles related to the theme of your website and add details of your website at the end of the article. Try to write something very interesting and useful for visitors so that visitors could subscribe your articles and read about your stuff.

5) URL Submission. Submit your website in relevant search engines and directories to increase link popularity of website. Link popularity will help your website to win the trust of search engines and traffic of visitors.

6) Social Bookmarking. Share your knowledge on social bookmarking websites and bookmark your favorite links so that online users could also see your relevant information.

7) Forum Posting. Post your queries or information about any new product or website on the foums. If you get number of participants then people will read your infiormation and this will encourage people to visit your website, and hopefully buy from you.

8) Twitter/FaceBook. Make your account in these social networking sites and update it everyday with your latest services and product information. This is definitely a good source of relevant traffic.

9) Classified Ads. It is easy to associate with these websites and submit your product and services information.

10) Blog Comments. Try to find blogs having good traffic and comments on the post. Good comments are known as a source of relevant information and knowledge. So enegage in this process also.

SEO is not a one or two day process. It is continues effort that everyone has to maintain to achieve targeted traffic and top ranking for the website.